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International Seagrass Experts Network. OUR VISION BE PART OF IT Building a global community committed to promoting and protecting the important role seagrass meadows play in our world. Our Vision. We want to see the values of seagrasses incorporated into coastal management and decision-making processes.

We believe that access to knowledge can enhance collaboration and coordination among those on the front lines of protecting and restoring our valuable seagrass meadows. Our Network will continue to grow and expand in ways that create efficiency to help make change.
Axes of action. Enchance Advancing seagrass research, conservation and management. Consolidate DEVELOP Enchance scientific knowledge BE PART OF IT Consolidate management best practices BE PART OF IT Develop policy recommendations BE PART OF IT Working groups. Science Policy and management Financial schemes
Mapping and monitoring

Threats, drivers of change and seagrass resilience

Ecosystem services and scale of benefits.
"Better communication of the scientific knowledge amongst scientists, managers and citizens will end in better implement of science-based seagrass conservation and management." Dr Carmen B. de los Santos, Centre of Marine Sciences of Algarve, Portugal. BE PART OF IT
Policy and
Integrating seagrasses into effective policy and management options

The impact of seagrass citizen science

Improving seagrass management through social justice
"Our goal as scientists is to reveal and highlight the natural and societal value of these underwater carbon sinks, advancing their policy-making, research, financing, conservation, and broader understanding.” Dimosthenis Traganos, German Aerospace Center, Germany. BE PART OF IT
Development of community based Payment for Ecosystem Services schemes

Voluntary carbon market- Restoration and conservation

Blue economy opportunities
"Incorporating seagrass into community based conservation projects, like Mikoko Pamoja, in Kenya, is a key element of our work" Prof Mark Huxham, Edinburgh Napier University, UK. BE PART OF IT
Resources. WHAT WE HAVE SO FAR The global synthesis document will highlight the range of goods and services provided by seagrasses to people around the world, serving as a call to action to managers and decision makers. Resources. UN Environment in collaboration with UN Environment GRID-Arendal convened the International Seagrass Experts Network at the 13th International Seagrass Biology Workshop in June 2018 in Singapore. ISEN will be posed various challenges for increasing the impact of seagrass scientific knowledge on coastal management and, national and international policies. BE PART OF IT
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